DARIMO(ダリモ)Nexumカーボンロード統合バー ステムハンドルバー(マットブラック)


DARIMO(ダリモ)Nexumカーボンロード統合バー ステムハンドルバー(マットブラック)

Some of the currently lightest carbon parts for XC bikes and racing bikes have been springing from the Darimo carbon forge, which is located in beautiful Valencia on the east coast of Spain.

With the Nexum stem-handlebar unit, Darimo Carbon has once again raised the bar a bit. The Nexum stem-handlebar unit weighs 196g (420 mm / 110 mm / -6 °) less than most racing bike handlebars without a stem. Thanks to the many widths and stem lengths, everyone will find the right setup for themselves. Screws made of titanium and barrel nuts made of aluminum help to save further weight and ensure reliable clamping on your steerer tube.

The stem-handlebar unit is available in four different finishes (UD glossy or matt, 3k glossy or matt) and in handlebar widths of 360 mm, 380 mm, 400 mm, 420 mm or 440 mm, measured from center to center. The stem length is 70 mm – 130 mm in 10 mm steps to choose from and the -6 ° stem angle allows you to sit in a sporty position. All bar widths offered have a compact reach of 77 mm and 128 mm drop. The flattened upper part ensures comfort when the tour or the race takes a little longer. On the underside laminated guides for brake and gear cables help you to assemble everything perfectly.

The stem may be clamped to the steerer tube with a maximum of 3.5 Nm. A torque of up to 4 Nm is permitted in the clamping area of the shift / brake lever. Please feel for the torque required for secure fastening and do not exceed the maximum values. We recommend using a high quality carbon paste during assembly. Below the handlebars, two M5 threaded sockets are laminated 29 mm apart. At this point you can securely attach a computer holder or similar accessory.

In order to achieve the sensational weights of 196g (420 mm / 110 mm / -6 °), to pass the standard ISO 4210-2 test and to be able to release the components up to 90 kg system weight, Darimo Carbon uses a specially developed process of lamination. The layer structure is optimally adapted to the handlebar width and stem length.

NOTE: The instructions for the product must be followed! Torques must be strictly adhered to. If the necessary specialist knowledge or tools for the correct installation of the are missing, the installation must be carried out by a specialist workshop with the appropriate knowledge.

■Intended use : racing bike
■Material : carbon

■Size(mm) : 360×70, 360×80, 360×90, 360×100, 360×110, 380×70, 380×80, 380×90, 380×100, 380×110, 380×120, 400×70, 400×80, 400×90, 400×100, 400×110, 400×120, 400×130, 420×70, 420×80, 420×90, 420×100, 420×110, 420×120, 440×90 440×100, 440×110, 440×120

■Stem angle : -6 °
■Clamp height : 43 mm
■max.torque on steerer tube : 3.5 Nm
■Handlebar Size : 360mm×070mm
■Reach : 77 mm
■Drop : 128 mm
■Rise : 0 mm
■Backsweep : 0 °
■Upsweep : 0 °
■System weight : max. 90 kg (driver including clothing and luggage)
■Color : UD Matte-Black
■Weight according to the manufacturer : from 190g
■Weight weighed : 196g (420 mm / 110 mm / -6 °)





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ハンドルサイズ(幅×ステム長 mm)


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