CHRIS KING(クリスキング)R45 Road リアハブ(カンパニョーロ / セラミック / マットターコイズ)


CHRIS KING(クリスキング)R45 Road リアハブ(カンパニョーロ / セラミック / マットターコイズ)

When we set out to design our hub we had over 30 years of bearing experience and 20 years of building hubs under our belts. The is the culmination of that experience; we focused on creating a lightweight hub that utilized hallmarks of Chris King components: precision, performance, and quality.

Our R45 hub combines a redesigned RingDrive? system with 45 teeth for lower drag and near instant engagement with a lightweight hub body and our legendary made-in-house bearings.

The R45 front hub is built to address our road and cross riders’ demands for Chris King performance in a lighter weight and more aerodynamic package. We have built a low profile hub body and combined it with our precision made-in-house bearings in a hub that will roll effortlessly with hassle-free longevity.

■Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
■5-year built-to-last warranty
■Patented RingDrive system with 45 simultaneously engaged points of contact for virtually drag free engagement
■Legendary made-in-house bearings
■Easily serviceable and completely re-buildable with our R45 Hub Service Tool
■Our lightweight solution for top caliber racing
■ベアリング : セラミックベアリング
■Axle Size : 130mm QR
■Flange diameter : 51 mm
■Center to flange drive side : 17.1 mm
■Center to flange non-drive side : 36.2 mm
■スポーク穴数(H) : 20 ・ 24 ・ 28 ・ 32
■タイプ : 対応 (10 / 11 speed対応)
■カラー : マットターコイズ
■重量 : 約 2.5 g (11-speed Campagnolo ceramic w/lockring)
■付属品 : 12T専用ロックリング

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